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Washington, D.C.

Mind & Body


Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C.: a cosmopolitan, exciting world of differing cultures, exciting opportunities and continuing transitions...

It can also be an environment of anxiety and instability for both its short-term and long-term residents. This wonderful, yet chaotic, city creates both challenges and stressors for each and every one of us, seriously impacting our work, family and social lives.

Through the use of  solution-focused coaching, counseling, and consultation services, Mind & Body Solutions PLLC can provide the supportive services you need to thrive in a healthy and holisitc manner.

Washington D.C.

About Mind&Body Solutions

Mind & Body Solutions prefers to promote not only traditional support, but also preventative, holistic care.


We tailor our supportive services to you, for whatever “self” goal(s) you would like to achieve, whether your goal is to move your life in a different direction or simply improve your ability to manage "reality".  We strongly believe in a psychological and physical relationship in regards to wellness; therefore, with our solution-focused and goal-oriented approach, Mind & Body Solutions offers a variety of highly empowering therapeutic options for you to achieve your optimal state of well-being.


By combining your commitment towards change and our dedication to your goals, we can achieve positive forward momentum in your life.  By setting realistic and measurable objectives together, we can assess your progress as we work together towards your highest level of emotional and physical well-being.

The Mind & Body practice can accommodate adults, adolescents and couples in the following areas:

Assimilation, Acculturation and Transition-Related Challenges

In 1967, psychiatrists Thomas Holmes and Richard Rahe began studying the impact of stress and illness, and for the past three decades we continue to expand on that reaseach, which has confirmed how challenging things like moving, changes in jobs, relationships, parenting, child rearing, and overall stress management, can be. Mind and Body Solutions provides a space for clients to work through those difficult issues, and work towards increased balance.

Family, Marital and Parenting Challenges

The pressures on relationships and families are at an all-time high within our sociocultural strata. Therefore managing healthy dynamics and effective communication within those units becomes all the more important. Mind and Body Solutions takes into consideration each individual person's values and cultural systems in helping to build an understanding around effective relational, familial, and parenting dynamics.

Workplace Stressors

Having been engaged  in the Employee Assistance field for over 5 years, Mind and Body Solutions has a comprehensive understanding around the various stressors within workplaces; inclusive of interpersonal office relations, management and supervisory support, conduct, presenteeism issues, and overall word / life balance stressors.

Together, we can work on improving your ability to cope with and conquer whatever obstacles you feel are holding you back.

Therapy can be provided in English, Farsi and Portuguese, as well as conversational French.

Our Partners

Our Partners


By obtaining further training through the American Fitness Association's approved Barre Training Program at VIDA Fitness, Dona has obtained her General Fitness Instructor Certification through the National Association of Science Medicine  This 120 hour plus curriculum and exam additionally certified her to hone in on assisting students at a deeper level with their fitness goals.  Dona currently teaches Barre, Pilates, Reformer, Stretch, & Belly Dance Fitness classes at various VIDA Fitness locations throughout the DC area, incorporating fun music and upbeat energy, combined with the continued focus on achieving a deep burn!


Dona was trained at reformation fitness to comprehensively lean how to utilize the reformer apparatus and it's unique features in accessing a full body workout. The reformer bed is inspired by the early machinations of Joseph Pilates, who invented different apparatus’ to assist soldiers in their rehabilitation process. Today these highly versatile and unique beds provide a low impact - full body workout unlike anything else in the workout world. Dona was trained by the owners of Reformation Fitness, two Balance Body certified coaches, who have a breadth and wealth of knowledge around how to train on the machines. Dona has been working / coaching with Reformation Fitness studio in Capitol Hill for a number of years, and continues to notice the impact between the physical and emotional interconnectedness of health through this inspiring workout.


Physical movement and strength training provide tremendous benefits to an individual's health and sense of well-being.  Teaching for BarreTech studios, under the tutelage of owner Amy Barnes, showed Dona that physical fitness can be incorporated into one's life, regardless of age, body type and fitness level.  Through BarreTech's curriculum, Dona was able to help students achieve improvements in their physical and emotional health.  Through her classes, students learned to focus on increased flexibility and strength through a combination of balletic movements, Yoga, Pilates and weight training.  Dona's Barre instruction and training has since continued at VIDA Fitness.


Mastering movement and rhythms can be a healing and empowering experience.  Through her dance experience and teaching at Saffron Dance under the tutelage of owner and artistic director Saphira, Dona had experienced first hand that it was never too early or too late  to start incorporating movement and dance into one's life.  Through the use of patience and guidance, Dona encouraged students to find their inner strengths, to be bold and to be confident in becoming whomever it is they wanted to be.  Though COVID forced the shut down of this wonderful school, Dona hopes to one day find other dance “homes” to promote what this wonderful establishment introduced into her health practice.

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