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By combining your commitment towards change and our dedication to your goals, we can achieve positive forward momentum in your life.  By setting realistic and measurable objectives together, we can assess your progress as we work together towards your highest level of emotional and physical well-being.

The Mind & Body practice can accommodate adults, adolescents and couples in the following areas:

Assimilation, Acculturation and Transition-Related Challenges

In 1967, psychiatrists Thomas Holmes and Richard Rahe began studying the impact of stress and illness, and for the past three decades we continue to expand on that reaseach, which has confirmed how challenging things like moving, changes in jobs, relationships, parenting, child rearing, and overall stress manamgent, can be. Mind and Body Solutions provides a space for clients to work through those difficult issues, and work towards increased balance.

Family, Marital and Parenting Challenges

The pressure on relationships and family are at an all time high within our sociocultural strata. Therefore managing healthy dynamics and effective communication within those units becomes all the more important. Mind and body Solutions takes into consideration each individual person's values and cultural systems in helping to build an understanding around effective relational, familial, and parenting dynamics.

Workplace Stressors

Having been engaged in the Employee Assistance field for over 5 years, Mind and Body Solutions has a comprehensive understanding around the various stressors within workplaces; inclusive of interpersonal office relations, management and supervisory support, conduct, presenteeism issues, and overall word / life balance stressors.

Work-Life Balance

Finding the right balance between obtaining our professional goals and aspirations, pursuing and completing our educational goals, all the while balancing a healthy lifestyle, can be challenging pursuit- even at the best of times. Finding ways to prioritize and manage a lifestyle that is inclusive of self care, hobbies, time with friends and family, while also fulfiliing our professional and educational goals, can require a deeper focus in assessing how one can incorporate it all. Mind and Body solutions believes that finding ones own relationship with their work life balance is attainable with the right tools and techniques.

Assertiveness and Self-Control Challenges

Emotional regulation, emotional intelligence, emotional quotient; what do all of these words mean with regards to expressing ourselves in meaningful and clear ways? Identifying parts of the self that have difficulty in being easily processed and soothed, can be challenging. Our internal processing mechanisms can also affect how others see, hear, and feel towards us. Mind and Body solutions believes that honing these skills and parts of self are important aspects of personal growth. Through the use of insight oriented techniques, Mind and Body solutions can assist in that growth being

Grief and Loss

Oftentimes grieving is simply associated with the death and loss of a loved one, however, grief and loss can be associated with various life stressors and transitions. Feeling sadness, low mood, anger, and confusion, over various life events can be normal. Mind and Body solutions creates a safe and understanding space to notice how the symptoms of grief and loss may be playing a role in the stressors at hand. By creating an open ended timeline to process whatever feelings present themselves, an empathetic and compassionate environment is then

Depression, Anxiety and Mood Challenges

Highs and lows are a normal part of life. Dependent upon the stressors that we are facing, these vacillations and presentations of emotions can vary. The impact that they leave upon our functioning may also become noticeable. Experiencing challenges in focusing, difficulty in connecting to our work, friends, and/or colleagues, may be a sign of something deeper going on for us. Racing thoughts, negative self talk, constant questioning of ourselves, and our choices, could again be representative of some inner work we may need to do. Through the use of mindfulness based cognitive therapy techniques, Mind and Body solutions can work with you to identify and alleviate some of the symptoms surrounding mood changes and difficulty.


In our culture we oftentimes hear terms such as PTSD, traumatic brain injury, or other commonly understood nomenclature surrounding the word "trauma". However, a traumatic incident and its emotional / physical outcomes, can manifest from a variety of experiences and incidents. Through the use of trauma informed care techniques, Mind and Body solutions provides a space in which difficult experiences and topics can be explored fully and comprehensively.


Sex, Gender, Identity; these are all personal journeys that each individual embarks upon in their lifetime. Through the use of Affirmative Therapy Techniques, Mind and Body solutions creates a safe space to help clients explore and work through these various pieces of our self, and how it interrelates to our relationship with the rest of the world around us.

Together, we can work on improving your ability to cope with and conquer whatever obstacles you feel are holding you back.

Therapy can be provided in English, Farsi and Portuguese, as well as conversational French.

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