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Meet The Team

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Emily Abate


Emily Abate holds a Master’s degree in school counseling from The George Washington University and is a Licensed Graduate Professional Counselor. In addition, Emily is certified as a School Counselor and National Certified Counselor (NCC). Emily received her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Fordham University, where she focused on child and adolescent development. Emily was born in New York City, is a native to New Jersey and currently resides in Washington, DC.

Emily has worked in education for the last four years, starting as a teacher in a women and children’s shelter, then moved to working in a Montessori-based school, and now is a school counselor at a DC Public Charter School. Emily specializes in children and adolescents who have experienced highly tumultuous environments, and uses trauma informed approaches to support them.  At her DC Public Charter School, she dedicates her time supporting boys in Ward 8 of Washington DC.  Emily uses a client-centered, inclusive approach within her counseling, while also incorporating play and art therapy techniques.

Emily is passionate about incorporating the whole family system, when possible in therapy, through a holistic and open-communication approach.  She is experienced in family consultations and enjoys working with children and their guardians who are looking to connect in a non-judgmental, uplifting environment. Emily believes in giving children the chance to express how they feel through forms of verbal and/or nonverbal language.

Emily is working under the supervision of Dona Paknejad.

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