At Mind & Body Solutions,

our goal is to support you in whatever “optimal self” goal(s)

you would like to achieve. 

By integrating physical wellness solutions

through our work with our affiliates,

we hope to better address your specific needs, goals and desires. 

Mastering movement and rhythms can be a healing and empowering experience.  Through her dance experience and teaching at Saffron Dance under the tutelage of owner and artistic director Saphira, Dona has experienced first hand that it is never too early or too late  to start incorporating movement and dance into one's life.  Through the use of patience and guidance, Dona hopes to encourage students to find their inner strengths, to be bold and to be confident in becoming whomever it is they want to be.   Click on "Saffron Dance" to learn more about Dona's teaching experience and the Saffron Dance studio. 


Physical movement and strength training provide tremendous benefits to an individual's health and sense of well-being.  Teaching for BarreTech studios, under the tutelage of owner Amy Barnes, has shown Dona that physical fitness can be incorporated into one's life, regardless of age, body type and fitness level.  Through BarreTech's curriculum, Dona is able to help students achieve improvements in their physical and emotional health.  Through her classes, students learn to focus on increased flexibility and strength through a combination of balletic movements, Yoga, Pilates and weight training.   Click on "BarreTech" to learn more about the BarreTech studio.