Mind & Body Solutions

prefers to promote not only traditional support, but also preventative, wholistic care.  


We tailor our supportive services to you, for whatever “self” goal(s) you would like to achieve, whether your goal is to move your life in a different direction or simply improve your ability to manage "reality".  We strongly believe in a psychological and physical relationship in regards to wellness; therefore, with our solution-focused and goal-oriented approach, Mind & Body Solutions offers a variety of highly empowering therapeutic options for you to achieve your optimal state of well-being.


By combining your commitment towards change and our dedication to your goals,

we can achieve positive forward momentum in your life.  By setting realistic and measurable objectives together, we can assess your progress as we work together towards your highest level of emotional and physical well-being. 

The Mind & Body practice can accommodate adults, adolescents and couples in the following areas:


Assimilation, Acculturation and Transition-Related Challenges


Family, Marital and Parenting Challenges


Workplace Stressors


Work-Life Balance


Assertiveness and Self-Control Challenges


Grief and Loss


Depression, Anxiety and Mood Challenges


Domestic Abuse Issues





Together, we can work on improving your ability to cope with and conquer

whatever obstacles you feel are holding you back.


Therapy can be provided in English, Farsi and Portuguese, as well as conversational French.